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The Original Worm, A self-care tool we love.

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

And we know you will, too. Shop now.

The Original Worm is a portable hybrid of therapy balls and a foam roller. This groundbreaking self-care tool consists of a solid rubber ball construction and is designed to provide comfort & relief from neck to feet and pretty much everything in between! Relieve tension, muscle aches and knots, spasms, and stiffness, no matter where you go or what you're doing!

The Worm is made of four rubber balls nestled inside a flexible neoprene sleeve.

Available in pink or black, and comes in two sizes:

6.3 (smaller, but firmer) for $25

7.0 (larger, but less firm) for $34

Recommended to help treat:

Upper Back, Mid-Back, Low-Back, Hips, Glutes/Piriformis, Rotator Cuff, Neck, Shoulders/Traps, Forearms, Shins, Calves, Feet, and more

Watch The Original Worm in action:

Now available here at Recover Bodywork. Learn more @theoriginalworm

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