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Now located in Saddle Brook!

Free parking is available in the lot behind the building. There is a rear entrance for your convenience. The main entrance is located on the side of the building.

Our Office


Our office is located on the

2nd floor in Suite 2. Please note

that there is no elevator.

Facials & Waxing Now Available with BEAUSKIN by Stephany B.

What to Expect

When you arrive, relax in our waiting room until it is time for your session. We will greet you upon your arrival, and begin the session with a review of your intake form. We develop a treatment plan to ensure our approach is appropriate, specific, comfortable, and useful in helping you recover and meet your goals.

Your Comfort
C O M E S   F I R S T

We usually work with our clients laying on their backs (supine) or laying face down (prone). We use the side lying position where it will provide more efficient access to the areas we are addressing and to safely position our clients when necessary, including during pregnancy. We have a variety of pillows to bolster your body so you feel comfortable at all times.

F O R   Y O U R

We have a cell phone charging station and keep our office stocked with water, mints, and tissues. We also have a coffee and snack bar.

Help yourself!


Our oils and detergents are unscented, however, we occasionally use an essential oil based room spray to enhance relaxation. Let us know if you’re scent sensitive and we will do our best to keep everything neutral.

We now carry Intention Blends body and perfume oils, handcrafted in NJ! Choose your favorites for at home use or as an add-on aromatherapy treatment.

Oils & Liniments

We use Organic Coconut Oil

(unscented, 100% pure, fractionated)

and Organic Golden Jojoba

(1st press, 100% pure, unrefined).

CBD, Biofreeze, Tiger Balm, and Arnica Gel are available to enhance pain relief.


Do you prefer a dimly lit room or bursts of sunlight? Let us know and we will adjust the blinds and lighting.

Ask us about the benefits of our Himalayan salt lamp!


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We generally have on relaxing music, but you may choose whatever music you’d like to listen to during your session. The volume may be adjusted at any time.


We use a noise machine to lessen the outside noise from disturbing your session. Let us know if you would prefer it be turned off.


We are able to adjust the temperature of the massage room and table to your preference. Our table can be heated from low to high and blankets are always available. Let us know if you would like us to adjust the fans and room heater. 

Sports massage on leg

We provide each client with a fresh set of sheets, face cradle cover, blanket, and towels. Our linens are professionally laundered using detergents 100% free of perfumes and clear of dyes. We utilize appropriate draping methods to protect our clients’ privacy.

Check out our friends at

Soap Gnome for your laundry needs!

Our Tools

For Cupping Therapy, we use 100% Medical Grade Silicone Baguanfa Cups, Kangzhu Plastic Cups, and RockPods. All are sterilized in 7.5% Hydrogen Peroxide.


For Kinesiology Taping, we use RockTape in Gentle, Regular, and H20 (extra sticky). Available in various colors and patterns.

Self-Care Tools
W E   R E C O M M E N D

The Original Worm

Stretch Out Strap



Lacrosse Balls


Recoup Cryosphere

Foam Roller


Neck King

Rock Tape

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