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The scent profile of Trust begins with the robust, herbacious, and camphorous aromas of Sweet Marjoram, Silver Fir, and Cypress. It then settles into a soft, smoky floral.


Trust is amplified with a clear quartz, a crystal that enhances clarity of mind.


To hold the intention of trust means you are willing to let down the walls and work to develop belief or faith in something, someone, an event, a system, where it was previously lost. It means being brave, being vulnerable, and going all in with an open heart even though you have known heartache, betrayal, deceit, lies, trauma, or been done wrong. This blend is for you if you feel ready to trust again.


Trust makes a home in our heart, in our mind, our gut. We know when it has been established, when it has been lost, and when we are ready to give it another try.


Made with oils that support this intention: Sweet Marjoram (aides in feeling safe to share ourselves and an ally in working on our trust issues), Cypress (helps move emotions that are "stuck" thereby creating space for trust), Silver Fir (a grounding oil that helps us feel confident in our emotional strength), Cedarwood (helps us overcome our distrust in sharing ourselves with others) and Jasmine (an oil of support to work beside you as you work on rebuilding trust).


8 ml Roll on made of high grade essential oils in a base of Organic Golden Jojoba Oil.


*Pregnant women should avoid using diluted or undiluted Silver Fir Essential Oil.*


Shake well before using. Patch test on skin prior to use. Scent on skin lasts from 1 to 3 hours. Re-Apply often.

Trust | Intention Blend

  • - After bath / shower body oil

    - Hand and cuticle oil

    - Foot oil

    - Hair oil

    - Beard oil

    - Add a dropper full to your bathwater or foot soak

    - Add a few drops to your favorite unscented body lotion / shower gel / massage oil



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