This earthy fragrance marries oakmoss together with citrus and wood notes to create a potent ally for magickal beings who are learning to tune into the messages of the forest and mama Earth. 

Vetiver will purify your energy field and quiet your mind so that you can fully open up to receive divine energy. Sandalwood and Neroli will help you let go of mind and ego while helping you arrive in presence. Jasmine enhances self love and compassion. Oakmoss, the star of this blend, is said to strengthen ones ability to attract and manifest.


Made with superb quality essential oils and absolutes: Oakmoss, Neroli, Jasmine, Vetiver, Cedarwood, & Sandalwood. As a perfume, it is reminiscent of lolly gagging in tall grassy fields while the sun washes over you and the faintest hint of citrus sails in on the breeze.


Anoint on wrists, heartspace, and neck. Re-Apply often!


This handmade perfume oil is a blend of high grade essential oils and absolutes.


Disclaimers: Made to be used as a perfume oil. Please do not