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Argan Oil


An oil blend for anyone who manifest things to fruition. However that magic comes to be, this is an oil that can be a part of the ritual.

Said to be "a powerful mobilizer of the will" May It Be So is an oil to honor and support your intentions, your word of the year, and your beginnings. Crafted for those who move through the world carrying with them talismans and companions. Allow this oil to be a partner in your manifestation rituals. Let it live on your dream altar. Grant the oil permission to vision alongside you as you plan, scheme, and dream of your future adventures in life, love, and work.


Davana - Holy Oil of Biblical times. Balancing and calming.
Clary Sage - Energetic cleanser and aphrodisiac.
Amarys - Relaxant said to help one deeply focus and get centered.
Galbanum - Readies for meditation or journeying to the spirit realm. 
Sandalwood - Heightening spiritual awareness.
Wild Orange - The oil of abundance!
Litsea - The oil of manifestation.


Anoint on skin {wrists, pulse points, heart space, and behind neck}.

While this was not created to be a perfume, the scent is intoxicating. It is complex and earthy, rounded out with citrus notes.


The scent will last on your skin from 1 - 3 hours. Re-apply often. 

Shake well before using. Patch test on skin prior to use.


10ml Roll-On

May It Be So | Manifestation Support

  • - After bath / shower body oil

    - Hand and cuticle oil

    - Foot oil

    - Hair oil

    - Beard oil

    - Add a dropper full to your bathwater or foot soak

    - Add a few drops to your favorite unscented body lotion / shower gel / massage oil



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