A blend to support you through life's turbulent waves.




Endings ... of Relationships, Partnerships, Jobs.


This is a citrus (Melissa, Neroli), meets floral (Jasmine, Rose), meets wood (Frankincense), meets spice (Cardamom) elixir to help ground you in the now and stay rooted while going through heartache, anger, frustration, fear, or anxiety. Are you going through the feels or experiencing a particularly trying time? This oil is a comforting ally to carry with you on the journey. Each bottle is infused with intensions of ease and tranquility to carry you through life's more challenging moments.


High grade essential oils mixed in an Argan Oil base. Anoint on wrists and heart spaces as needed. Shake well before using. External use only.


Please patch test on your skin prior to use and take note of any allergies to oils.


5ml Roll-On

Heart Chakra Elixir