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Made of oils as ripe and robust as the moon when she is full:




This is NOT a perfume (although it mimics one). This oil was created for magickal humans who live in harmony with the ocean currents and the moon phases. It is an offering of herb, flowers, and citrus for your skin and soul.


This is an oil to anoint on your wrists, neck *front and back*, heartspace when the moon is plump, and everything in your being craves a release.


Wear time is 1-2 hours. Reapply often. Scent begins as an earthy citrus and dries down to a spicy floral.


Made of high grade essential oils swirled in a base of Argan Oil.


Disclaimers: Made to be used as a perfume oil. Please do not apply to face or near eyes. Do not ingest. The product is not meant to be used as an aide for any medical conditions. External use only. Shake well before using. Please patch test on your skin prior to use and take note of any allergies to oils.


5ml Roll-On Oil

Full Moon | High Vibe Anointing Oil

$15.00 Regular Price
$13.50Sale Price
  • - After bath / shower body oil

    - Hand and cuticle oil

    - Foot oil

    - Hair oil

    - Beard oil

    - Add a dropper full to your bathwater or foot soak

    - Add a few drops to your favorite unscented body lotion / shower gel / massage oil




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